Living in the medieval town of Trujillo

The Hotel Boutique Casa de Orellana in Trujillo Spain, birthplace of Francisco de Orellana, is set in the old city peaceful ambience, inside the wall-enclosed heart of Trujillo Spain. It offers the perfect location from which to explore the many historic and cultural attractions, and the city’s most representative adjacent buildings: the Santa María La Mayor church, the Chaves-Mendoza palace, the Altamirano fortress, the San Andres gate, the Alberca, the Coria, Gargüera Street, the Bejarano fortress, the Escobar fortress house, the manor houses of the Chaves-Calderon-Carvajal, Rol-Zarate y Zuñiga and Alvarado, the Plaza de los Naranjos, the Santiago gate and church, the Almirante tower and the Pizarro House museum. All unmistakable symbols of Trujillo’s medieval past. Steeped in History, a privileged situation, within easy reach of Plaza Mayor (main city center), where the bronze statue of Francisco Pizarro is found, a universal work of the North American sculptor Charles Rumsey.


 The Hotel Boutique Casa de Orellana in Trujillo Spain, has patio and garden with outdoor swimming pool for exclusive use of guests.


Hotel Boutique Casa de Orellana
Calle de las Palomas, 5-7
10200 - Trujillo
Phone: (+34) 927 65 92 65
Mobile: (+34) 696 70 02 25
Fax : (+34) 927 32 34 63

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