Boutique Hotel Casa de Orellana

a hotel with History in Trujillo, Extremadura, Spain
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Birthplace of Francisco de Orellana, discoverer of the Amazon. An historic fifteenth century mansion located inside the walled medieval centre of Trujillo. The building has its own defensive crenellated tower, below whose battlements the main grand entrance is located. Above the arched doorway can be found the stone coat of arms incorporating the ten roundels of the Orellana family, giving testimony to the historical significance of the medieval city of Trujillo.

The decor in the hotel is by the late Duarte Pinto Coelho, renowned host, whose hospitality was enjoyed by the high society of bygone decades . These included Truman Capote, Salvador Dalí, Maria Callas, Henry Kissinger, Ava Gardner, the Barons de Rothschild, the Duchess of Windsor, Luis Miguel Dominguín, Lola Flores, Manolo Caracol, Amalia Rodrigues, Oscar de la Renta, Coco Chanel and many others.

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The bedroom suites

The 5 bedrooms are named after illustrious historical personalities associated with the discovery of the Amazon River.

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Trujillo’s Medieval Centre
Trujillo, Extremadura

The Boutique Hotel Casa de Orellana is located in Trujillo within the historic medieval walled centre. This peaceful area is where most of the historic and architectural masterpieces of Trujillo can be found.

The town is located in the heart of Extremadura, just 46 km from Cáceres and in the centre of the triangle formed by Madrid, Lisbon and Seville. Trujillo is approximately 250 km from the Spanish capital and 375 km from the Portuguese capital. It is an historic town, that has been declared of cultural interest, recognized for its historical, urbanistic, architectural and patrimonial value within the region of Extremadura.

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Most beautiful hotel in an old mansion in the medieval part of town

A fantastic hotel with only a few rooms who have all acces to the “tropical” patio with a small swimmingpool and a view of the towering church behind the hotel. Place for a romantic, restfull stay. The rooms are spacious and have excellent modern bathrooms.


River of Darkness


We travelled through the Extremadura on the back of Buddy Levy’s stunning acount of De Orellana’s ‘Voyage of Death and Discovery Down the Amazon’ and Pizarro’s last stand at Jacquijahuana, up in the Andes.